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About the Company

UNCC Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2015 with the group of fine staff ofprofessionals with dynamic experience in their respective fields anddepartments. UNCC has been working to become one of the leading and largestcourier service provider in Nepal with strong delivery system and service allover Nepal with advance technology and manpower. 

UNCC entered into the courier field when courier’scredibility were assumed to be highly demanded and trusted. With the help ofhighly professional and energetic managers and manpower, UNCC would like toassure the guarantee the safe and secured delivery of all the shipments of allour respective customers handing over proof of delivery to the concernedparties with the very reasonable time to provide satisfaction to our highlyesteemed customers in economic price. UNCC has plan of going worldwide tovarious destinations within Nepal and abroad. We operate on all scales fromwithin specific town or cities, to regional, national and global services.

We aim to develop long term relationships with ourcustomer providing them with the highest quality service, innovative solutionsand one to one attention. 

Key Features

  • Over108 places of different districts with contact and franchise offices.

  • Leadingwith over 20 years hands on experiences of Management Team

  • Reliablesources of prompt response

  • DirectInteraction with Customers

  • Informationtechnology, POD' available within 72 hours

  • Shipmentsmove within a "Chain of Custody" and in Synchronization operation.